Typography/Layout/Toolset with Dafi Kühne
Tuesday, September 21, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:45 AM (EDT)

Creativity is a process much rather than just a given talent. What do designers do, when feeling uninspired? Wouldn’t it be careless if we just wait and rely on our gift-of-creativity to kick in? But if we have a set of acquired processes that help us to generate variations of design solutions, we can generate iterations of formal ideas. Rather than waiting for the perfect moment of inspiration, we actively start the process of creativity. In poster design, one way of generating typographic variation is to use a systematic toolset. This formal vocabulary can help us to create many iterations we can then select from. In this short workshop, poster designer and analog printing wizard Dafi Kühne will work with participants on approaches to create variations in typographic layout.

Learning takeaways:
+ Playful process of creating typographic iterations with a limited toolset
+ Discussing Avant-Swiss design approaches
+ All the discussed processes work just as well for analog and digital typography
+ Work, play and discuss with Dafi Kühne

This session will be recorded and shared with attendees post-event.