Full Name
Cherry Ann Davis
Job Title
Associate Editor
Speaker Bio
Cherry-Ann Davis is a decolonial, postcolonial, pan-African, hybrid ethnographic creator from Trinidad and Tobago. Dearly departed from the corporate world of advertising, she is now flexing her design muscle as a visual communications specialist by combining artistic practice, business acumen with storytelling traditions. A key theme throughout her practice is Story as design and Design as story, navigating the intersections of culture, decoloniality, memories, the pluriverse, creolization and Sankofa. The common thread in her design and writing practice is creating and sharing stories of the African diaspora mainly the Caribbean in an authentic voice; respecting the past while looking to the future to sustain stories through accessible formats. Cherry is currently pursuing her design masters at Zurich University of Arts, Switzerland. She is also the Associate Editor and workshop coordinator at the Futuress, a feminist design platform.
Cherry Ann Davis