Full Name
Anna Minkkinen
Job Title
Executive Creative Director
Speaker Bio
An Emmy-winning Executive Creative Director at NYC-based branding agency Loyalkaspar, Anna Minkkinen is a creative veteran with an impressive history in branding and design. Directing creative campaigns and rebrands for clients including CNN, MTV, Comedy Central, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Marvel, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, AMC Networks and National Geographic, Anna has been a dynamic creative force in her field. Her versatile work spans across all media and platforms, including digital, on-air and large-scale experiential activations in stadiums and museums. Anna’s Scandinavian roots have not only informed her design philosophy but have drawn her to collaborative creative studios with an international flavor, spending a number of years as a creative leader at acclaimed agencies Trollbäck and Loyalkaspar.
Anna Minkkinen