Ravi Hampole

SVP, Global Brand Creative


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Being well is a journey.

Our new FEEL Positioning 
At lululemon we celebrate being different. We’re not an athletic brand telling you to push beyond your limits or win at any cost. We are a community dedicated to being well. We don't subscribe to quick fixes and fads but, we are here for the journey—the wins and lessons. 

In this moment, we invite you to FEEL something. To revel in your practice, your body and your mind. And to enjoy all the feelings that come with a sustainable practice—exhilaration, runner’s high, stillness or anything else—at their maximum.

Because the more we FEEL—the more present and aware we are—the more we’re capable of, as both individuals and communities. 

FEEL States. 

lululemon products feel different. And when you wear them, they help you access the parts of yourself and your practice that feel extraordinary. 

In this campaign, we’ve developed “FEEL States” (internal language only) for each of our hero product franchises, with each one representing the heightened, special feelings that each franchise enables. FEEL states are fresh, appealing, metaphorical and even a little playful—they aren’t just literal articulations of product benefits. Check out the Product Overview section below to discover the 3 FEEL states.

The goal is to build recognition in each franchise through consistent use of FEEL States across product communications.

This is our invitation to FEEL.

Campaign Background.

We officially launched our largest, fully integrated global campaign to date, titled FEEL, which is built on the brand’s longstanding belief that the better you feel, the better you’ll perform. The campaign seeks to introduce lululemon to new audiences while also engaging current guests who have been with us on this journey, with a radically fresh and timely point of view that reshapes the cultural conversation around wellbeing. In a crowded activewear category that is often more focused on visible results - what people do and how they perform - we are simply inviting our guests to FEEL. 

FEEL celebrates a diverse and powerful group of ambassadors who are using their passion for movement and connection to elevate their communities. Akin Akman, Manoj Dias, Hailey Langland, Deja Riley and Joe Wicks are featured in the campaign. These folks embody what lululemon stands for and will help to authenticate and spotlight how the brand’s innovative and technical products are designed to help guests immerse themselves in their practice, resulting in a difference they can truly feel.

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