Full Name
Katwo Puertollano
Job Title
Co-Founder & Design Director
Speaker Bio
Katwo Puertollano is the co-founder and owner of rezonate, an innovative, global organization that creates worlds of awe and wonder by solving businesses’ storytelling needs. Katwo leads the creative and production departments in both the New York City and Manila offices, providing the key architecture in business development, brand strategy and culture – serving clients and brands in the broadcast, pharmaceutical and tech industries. With over 15 years of experience in the advertising, entertainment, and content industry, Katwo champions the voice of the underdog through amplifying the everyday experiences and challenges of women, the culture of diaspora communities and celebrating the dignity of urban life. Katwo is also an active speaker at international design conferences and the academic circuit in New York and Manila. She received her degree in AB Communication Arts from Ateneo de Manila.
Katwo Puertollano