Full Name
Gaby Hernández
Job Title
Endowed Associate Professor of Graphic Design
University of Arkansas
Speaker Bio
Gaby Hernández is a Costa Rican designer, researcher, and educator currently located in Arkansas. Her research and creative interests include community-based design, visual storytelling, decolonial design, and ethnographic research. Her scholarly and design work has been disseminated extensively in the USA and internationally. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she fully adopted auto-ethnography as her main methodology to inform, study, develop, and test visual narrative methods and tools, focusing on manifesting and visualizing nostalgia, capturing memory, and addressing mental health deterioration as a consequence of modernity and capitalism. She looks into the relationship between identity, materiality, and self-expression and how individuals' visual languages contribute to expanding our understanding of decolonial and/or pluriversal design. Currently, Gaby devotes significant time to visual and material experimentation informed by auto-interviewing and storytelling, “testimonio,” and the re-adoption of traditional and non-polluting methods of material production.
Gaby Hernández