Symposium: What We Make
Thursday, September 23, 2021
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM (EDT)
The process of making can manifest itself in a tremendous number of ways. Finding time to make for yourself can seem like a daunting task when you spend a good part of your day making for others. 
Come hear from this crew of varied creatives how they design, produce, and sell their wares to the public as well as making sure that they are making for themselves.They will also share their experiences in entrepreneurship, time management, and how they make it a priority to make. 
Please join us as we hear from Letterpress printer Brad Vetter, Designer and Illustrator Jackie Brown, and Creative Directors Tony Brook and Jonas Zieher about how they navigate all of the above. This symposium is moderated by Illustrator and Educator Kate Bingaman-Burt.
Being a Letterpress Printer in the 21st Century
Brad Vetter
It is important for me to create work that feels relevant to the world we live in today. As I bounce between teaching, printing posters and digital design projects, I am constantly reminded of the impact my work has. That keeps me working hard and never taking what I do for granted, whether it is the latest concert poster for Chris Stapleton, another wine label, or a message of hope during quarantine. What we make is hopefully more than a beautiful image—it is a call to action, a slice of cultural ephemera, or simply a reminder of the good in the world.
Your Day Job Doesn't Have to Define You
Jackie Brown
I work full-time as a Graphic Designer at Nike, but I don't let that define me as a person. In my free time I make work to fuel my creative juices and inspire the masses, especially black and brown kiddos. Representation and building inspiring creative relationships are important to me. My work is bright, bold, positive and I am heavily inspired by my upbringing and culture. I'll share how I went from curating my instagram feed with bi-weekly doodles, to making products for pop-ups, and then creating art for shows in a span of 10 years! In no way is this a master class, but I'd like to share my journey thus far and the fun I've had along the way :)
Walking the Line
Tony Brook and Jonas Zieher
As a studio we walk the line between the digital and analogue realms, exploring the potential of both. We’re not afraid of getting our hands dirty, using paper, paint and stamps alongside processing, motion tracking and 3d-printing. While these are some of our creative tools, there is also the bigger question about the relationship between our commercial and self-initiated work. We are now in a place where we think some of our output is better described as art. This talk offers an opportunity for us to share a new set of possibilities for our work.
This session will be recorded and available exclusively to attendees post-event.